Quarter Mile time pre-supercharger build

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Quarter Mile time pre-supercharger build

Post by R444SPY on Mon Jan 26, 2015 5:54 pm

I took my V5 to Santa Pod for it's first outing before I prepare for my supercharger build. The intention was to get a benchmark of the modifications
I have already done so I wasn't sure what to expect in regards to times.
It was a very cold day (-4 for most of it) and a lot of cars including 4-wheel drive cars were finding it very difficult to get traction off the line.
I think I am correct in saying that the stock quarter mile time for the AGZ 150 bhp is 16.5 seconds.
I achieved 16.2 which considering the fact I wasted a second or two getting grip wasn't actually that bad. My figures of my best run were as follows;

Reaction - .6656
60 ft - 2.4845
330ft - 6.8175
1/8 ET - 10.4578
1/8 MPH - 67.47
1000ft ET - 13.5860
1000ft MPH - 77.78
1/4 ET - 16.2538
1/4 MPH - 84.42

So now I start my savings fund to pay for my supercharger project.
Looking forward to 2015 Smile

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